Immigration law

The foreigner is the person who does not have the Belgian nationality. The Foreigners rights are part of the Administrative Law . They determine the rules that are to be respected by the Administrations , such as the Communes, the Foreigners Service and the Administrative Boards (Board of Dispute for Foreigners, the General Directorate for Refugees and Stateless People and the Constitutional Council).
Persons who want to stay in Belgium for less than three months (for example, tourists or businessmen) can obtain a visa at the Belgian Embassies in their country of origin, the residents of the European Union do not require a visa.

For anyone wanting to reside in Belgium for a longer period of time, various procedures are foreseen.

Some members of the family of Belgian residents or residents from the European Union or some foreigners who already have a residents permit in obtain a residents permit in the scope od the reunification of the family.

The economical migrants, the students, the Stateless and the victims of a human beings trafficking can, under some conditions obtain a residents permit in Belgium.

A foreigner who has left his country of origin and who cannot return to this country without putting his life or his security in danger can benefit from a protection and obtain a residents per introduces a request for asylum.
He can also benefit from a subsidiary protection status.

The foreigners who are already on the national territory can obtain a residents permit for medical reasons. In the case of a short term illness it may be useful to introduce the request before entering the country. In the case of a long term illness, the permit obtained for medical reasons can become permanent after five years.

The last possibility for illegal residents is to introduce a request for regularization for humanitarian reasons. To be able to introduce such a request, they will have to prove that they cannot return to their country of origin to introduce such a request for instance because of their strong integration and the existence of a social network and the mastering of one of the languages of the country.

The foreigners who are legal residents in the country can gain the Belgian nationality.

Samir Baki has a wide experience in the field of the foreigners rights and maintains close contacts with the competent authorities.


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