Cases of debt collection or recovery

The recovery means the financial retrieval of debts or due invoices.

It is very often useless to wait for a spontaneous payment by a dubious debtor.

Various companies, large or small, national or international, have already and successfully called upon our services in the scope of recoveries.
Being lawyers, we can do more for your company than the dimple recovery agencies.

Apart from the sending of summons or letters of recall to the debtors in the case of late payments, we will directly subpoena the debtors in front of the competent courts. We will represent your company in court. Your file will be handled from A to Z (from the amicable procedure to the foreclosure) by the lawyers of the Law Firm.

We can arrange for favourable conditions in mutual agreement about the reckoned costs and fees.

In most of the cases the principal amount can be recovered without extra costs on the part of your company as the opposite party is normally sentenced to pay for the judicial costs and to the costs of the procedure (and in some cases also to the legal or conventional interests and to the damage fees foreseen in the General Conditions.

The law Firm can also write or adapt the General Conditions of the contracts of your company as well as write the contracts (for your clients, suppliers, personnel and enterprises).
You can of course expect a professional counselling.

The Law Firm will guarantee a swift and efficient recovery of the amounts due.

You can contact us for:  

  • The summons of your dubious debtors
  • The making on request of a enquiry about the solvency of the third parties
  • The delivering of fiscal certificates if the dubious debtor appears to be insolvent
  • The swift and not expensive recovery of all your invoices
  • The introduction of an IOS procedure for the recognized debts
  • The subpoena to appear in front of the court for the unpaid invoices