The preferred matters of the Law Firm are the Foreigners Rights, the Family Rights and the Criminal Rights. The Samir Baki Law Firm also treats Commercial matters and other Civil matters such as the rental disputes, the damage cases, the temporary guardians cases ans the cases of debt collection. The few fields of the Law that are not treated by the Law Firm are the matters concerning the Juvenile Courts, the Fiscal cases or the social security cases.  

The Foreigners Rights

The most frequently asked questions in the field of the Foreigners rights are about the short term and long term residence conditions. Very often the clients wish to know which residence conditions are possible and which are the procedures that offer the post chances of success. The Law firm can assist you in the introduction of a request for a residence permit, in how to obtain a work permit or work licence. The Law firm can give you an advice concerning your rights, the possibilities of gaining the Belgian nationality, it can also help you to introduce an appeal against an order to leave the country or against a residence interdiction.

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The Family Law

The Family Law is a wide branch of the Law treating the problems from the birth until the death of an individual person. Such as the name, the ascendance, the marriage, the divorce, the inheritance, the individual capabilities etc…The questions that you may have concern the condition to be filled to conclude a marriage in Belgium or abroad , the consequences of a marriage, the choice of a marriage regime , the differences between a marriage and a « legal cohabitation” contract, the consequences of a divorce, the management of the mutual debts and real estate. The Samir Baki Law Firm can advise and counsel you on these matters, can introduce a divorce procedure, a marriage procedure, a procedure of annulment. It can also be introduce a request with the various Courts to obtain an alimony, it can be designated to manage your estate if you are declared incompetent, etc… 

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The Criminal Law

When you receive an invitation from a police service of when you are arrested, a professional assistance is often necessary. What are your rights ? The Law Firm can provide the needed assistance at an hearing by the police. When being subpoenaed to appear at the Police Court or the Criminal Court, or when being arrested, the assistance of a lawyer to defend your rights at the hearing is necessary. The Samir Baki Law firm can represent the accused as well as the Civil Parties. 

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The Rights of agreements or contracts

Without really knowing this, most of our life is directed by agreements or contracts. Just look at a rental agreement, a buying contract, a loan agreement or a work contract. When a dispute occurs, the solutions are sometimes hard to obtain. The Samir Baki Law Firm can make up and send for you the necessary default notices, answer a presented default notice, defend your interests in Court or even subpoena or bring to Court the opposite party. The Law Firm will always first try to obtain an amicable arrangement among parties.

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The liability rights

It may be possible that you are held responsible for an road accident or you can be subpoenaed to appear in front of a Court to defend your interests. In those cases the Law Firm can protect your interests and insure the respect of your rights. The individuals who have suffered a damage or those who are responsible for a damage can be defended by the Law Firm that can estimates the damage, send the default notices and introduce the necessary requests against the opposite party or subpoena this party to the Courts and defend your rights in Court.   

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Cases of debt collection or recovery

Invoices that are not paid by clients can cause financial difficulties for healthy firms. A good management of your due invoices is essential. The law Firm will do whatever is necessary to obtain the payment of your invoices. The debtor will first receive a default notice from the lawyer. If no payment follows, the lawyer will rapidly proceed to a judicial recovery. After the debtor is condemned, the lawyer will swiftly appoint a bailiff to collect the amounts due.

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Temporary guardianship

Some people are not anymore capable of taking independent decisions concerning their belongings or their person and must be assisted by a temporary guardian. The Samir Baki Law Firm can be appointed to act as a temporary guardian by the Justice of the Peace to assist these people in the management of their properties or their individuality. If you know somebody who is not capable anymore of taking such decisions and if you want an assistance by the Samir Baki Law Firm, the lawyers will swiftly respond to your request.

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Summary of the various Lawfields