It is seldom possible to determine beforehand how much the handling of a case will cost because it depends on criteria on which we have no control or are totally unknown. : the introduction of an appeal, of an opposition, an appeal at the Supreme court of Appeal , the number of necessary conclusions, of letters, of appearances or of unforeseen costs. It is often impossible to foresee an exact amount for the full handling because each case is different as are the number of interventions.

A first visit to examine the problems, to plan the interventions and the judicial counselling will cost 75,00 EUR.

After that it is up to you if you want to call upon our services.

If you choose to pursue the case with us, we will make a concrete estimation of our costs and fees. After the first visit and the opening of a case, a mandate agreement will be drawn and you will receive a case number and a first down payment invoice. This mandate contract contains the working rules of the Law Firm.
You can download these below.

The Law Firm works through down payment invoices and final invoices. We ask for provisions so that the amount of costs and fees can be spread according to the possibilities of each client. When making up the down payment and the provision invoices, no fees or costs are yet taken into account.

The down payment invoice is received first, before the invoice for fees and costs.
The intermediate or final invoice is only sent after some actions have been taken and costs have been suffered. From this amount, the amount of the down payments will be deducted.
During the handling of the procedure, you will receive intermediate invoices mentioning the amount of costs and fees produced during the concerned time period of the handling. .

From the 1st of January 2008 onwards, you can have the losing party to pay for most of the costs and fees as the Court will sentence the loser of the case to pay for the procedural fees. The amount of this fee is fixed by the law and depends from the importance of the procedure.

It is possible that you have a insurance for judicial support even without knowing this. Most insurances for civil responsibility , legal fire insurance, family insurance include this judicial support. You can best inform with the insurance company if such a clause is included in your personal insurance contract and you always have the right to choose your own lawyer. If this is the case, it will be your insurance company that will directly pay for the costs and fees of your lawyer.


A statement of costs and fees can include three elements : a) the judicial costs and the expenses, b) the costs sustained by the lawyer and c) the lawyer’s fees. The services rendered by Samir Baki Law Firm carry a VAT of 21 %. The costs and fees are free from VAT.

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 1. The judicial costs and expenses :

The judicial costs and expenses are the costs that the lawyer will have to pay to third parties on behalf of his client, such as invoices from bailiffs, Court’s services , translators and public services.

These costs are clearly mentioned on the invoice of costs and fees. The judicial costs must be paid in advance by the client, they are not prepaid by the lawyer. As long as those costs are not paid , the lawyer can suspend his actions in court. The judicial costs can be charged totally or partially to the losing party.

2. The office costs of the Law Firm are (not including the 21 % VAT) :

  • Opening cost of a file / one time only                    €150,00
  • Outgoing letters (Mail, fax, E-mail/ per page)        €10,00
  • The registered mail / 1st page                                 €15,00
  • Per additional page / per page                                €10,00
  • The sent E-mails/ per e-mail message                    €5,00 
  • The received E-mails / per e-mail                            €3,00 
  • The scanned documents / per document              €3,00 
  • The travel expenses / per km                                   €0,50 
  • The searches in the National Registry                    €12,50 
  • Cos of each reckoning                                              €30,00 
  • Copies and prints in black and white / page         €0,30 
  • Copies and prints in colour and photos / page    €0,90 
  • Conclusions and other procedure piece / page   €30,00 
  • Phone costs / communication (in and out)            €3,00 
  • Phone costs towards foreign contries / contact    €10,00 

3. The fees of the lawyer :

The lawyer’s fees are the payment due for the time spent by the lawyer in the rendering of the services. The fees are reckoned as such:
The services of Samir Baki are reckoned at the basic fee of 125,00 EUR per hour (21 % VAT not included) they contain a correction factor for urgency, for specialized services or complexity, for the results.


Other form of reckoning are also possible :

  • Fees on a fixed contract basis.
  • Fees and costs on a fixed contract basis
  • Fees and expenses only, without the office costs
  • Reckoning as a percentage or a value tariff, with a minimum tariff.
  • A subscription fee and other arrangements with a minimum tariff
  • There is always the possibility of taking the obtained results into consideration.