Vision and philosophy

The Law Firm ensures a professional service of superior legal quality in almost all of the fields of the rights of individuals and companies.

The law Firm acknowledges the need for every legal dispute to be analysed thoroughly and resolved in a swift and conclusive way . The legal mastership and strategic vision are essential in this.

It is obvious that the rendered legal service will prove to be of excellent professional quality.
Time and means are invested in permanent education and training of the lawyers and in the study of all alterings of the laws and history call books.
The Law Firm holds subscriptions to most legal and judicial publications.

The rendered service will be swift, accessible and oriented towards results. The pragmatical approach of the legal problems , reckoning with the concerned people is of essential importance. There will be no difference made between “large” or “small” interests of any case.

We do whatever is necessary to obtain the best possible results in a swift and effective way.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will handle your case on the basis of his professional knowledge , Samir Baki’s Law Firm is what you are looking for.

The vision and philosophy of the Law Firm is totally conform the « Chart of Lawyers ».

  • Everyone has the right to the assistance of a lawyer ;
  • The lawyer is self employed, his independence and integrity are guaranteed by the promptness of his interventions.
  • The lawyer is an advisor, he negotiates and defends within the honour requested by his profession ;
  • The lawyer sees to the respect of the rights and the liberties of his client;
  • The lawyer is the confident of his client and he respects the privileged information;
  • The lawyers represents the defence of the client, respecting the Laws and his own deontology are the best of his interests ;
  • The lawyer keeps his client precisely informed about the evolution of his case ;
  • The lawyer is permanently improving the level of his own legal knowledge in order to master the complexity and the evolution of the laws and to ensure their correct application;
  • The lawyer keeps in touch with the social evolutions. He keeps himself informed about the internalisation of the rights to be able to enforce these correctly;
  • The proper execution of the legal profession is guaranteed by the Order of Lawyers and by the rules the Order imposes.