The Law Firm treats your personal data in conformity with the legal obligations and competences as you are visiting our website, as you are using our services and those of of the individuals Lawyers of the Firm and/or because you have given the Law Firm or the individual lawyers these data personally. 

The clients of the Law Firm and their principals give their authorization to the Law Firm to treat their information and, if necessary, their personal data about their previous criminal sentences and the punishable acts as well as the particular categories of personal data needed for special matters or as defined in the scope of the rendered services and the actions of the lawyers on behalf of the defence of the interests of the clients.

The Law Firm and the individual lawyer have the right to use these data for their justified interests or the interests of third parties, for legal purposes, bookkeeping purposes, fiscal purposes, clients administration, the use of the freedom of speech and information and/or the introducing, the treatment or the basis of a judicial request.

You may download the statement about the privacy below.

Statement of Privacy