General conditions

Article 1

Complaints and remarks about the statement of costs and fees that were delivered to clients or their principals must be sent by registered mail to the Law Firm within ten days, starting from the sending date of the statement.

Article 2

If the provision note of a statement of costs and fees is not paid before the expiring date, the Law Firm has the right to suspend its activities without warning. The lawyer cannot be held responsible for the damages resulting from the suspension of his activities for the above mentioned reason.

Article 3

Every provision note of a statement of costs and fees must be paid within ten days of the sending.
If not, the amount due will be raised, without requiring a notice, by 10 % per year and by a lump sum of 10 % with a minimum of 50,00 EUR. If the concerned person is a consumer, the damage allowance will be reciprocal and the client will also have the right to a damage allowance of 10%. In the case of more than one client or principal, each client and principal will be individually responsible for the payment of the amount due, as well as for the interests and damage allowances imposed for late payments.

Article 4

In the case of a dispute concerning the statement of costs and fees, the rules of the Order of Lawyers and the Belgian Laws will solely be applicable, and the sole Courts of the address of the main seat of the Samir Baki Law Firm Ltd. will be competent.  The Samir Baki Law Firm Ltd has the right to subpoena the client at his address or to subpoena the client at the address of its Main Seat at 2000 Antwerpen (Antwerp), Gallifortlei 70.

Artikel 5

The liability of the Law Firm and of the individual lawyer is limited to the amount paid by the company ensuring the professional responsibility. If the insurance company does not cover the damage, the allowance for professional error of the lawyer is in general limited to the costs and interests up to 2500,00 EUR.

Article 6

The Law Firm and the individual lawyer pledge in each case and without exceptions to fulfil their work and use their means , however without guarantee of results.

last update: 18/10/2018