1. Informations about your lawyer and his Law Firm

You hand over your case to Counsel Samir BAKI who will act in the name and on behalf of the Law Firm. 

Samir BAKI is a barrister in Belgium and is registered at the bar of Antwerpen (Antwerp). werp). The office of Samir Baki is located at 2000 Antwerpen (Antwerp), Gallifortlei 70. Consultations are held solely on appointment. Samir Baki acts as a lawyer for a civil company under the form of a Ltd firm.
The “Law Firm Samir Baki » ltd, carries the company number 053375210, and the VAT number BE053375210.
He is a member of the Lawyers Bar of the Province of Antwerpen (Antwerp). He functions in respect of the professional and deontological rules of the Lawyers Bar.
You can download the Codex of the Bar of the Province of Antwerpen (Antwerp) as indicated below.

Samir Baki can be contacted by phone at the following number : (+32)(3) 297.67.37. His fax number is : (+32)(3) 345.41.37. His E-mail address is : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The bank account number of the Lawyers Firm is: BE89 6300 6869 8085 (BIC :BBRUBEBB). All payments from the client or principal such as legal costs and lawyers fees must be made on this account number.  The Third Party account number of the law Firm is: BE58 6300 6523 4579 (BIC : BBRUBEBB).

If you need more information or if you want to file a complaint, you can contact Samir BAKI as stated above.  The client agrees that the Counsel may call upon other lawyers or specialists for the handling of specific missions.  

The professional liability of Samir BAKI is insured by AMLIN EUROPE NV, through Vanbreda Risk & Benefits under the contract number LXX034899 . The professional liability of the Counsel amounts to 2.500.000 € covered by his professional Insurance policy. 

2. Nature of the offered services

You can address Samir BAKI for the following services which are related to the activities as a professional lawyer:
- Legal assistance in the frame of a legal procedure, a private “out of court” settlement or an administrative procedure.
- Written or oral legal counselling
- Writing and control of contracts
- Assistance in negotiations, private settlements or transactions
- Assistance in the Court for instance to start a Court procedure as a plaintiff or defendant , or as the accused , introduction of appeals , pleading in Court, appearance as civil party or as proxy.

3. Tariffs, applicable rights and conflicts

You may consult the tariffs of the Law Firm further in the text. You can also download the standard conventions.

The Belgian Law is applicable. The Courts of the Head Office of the Firm are solely competent to handle all conflicts originating from the execution of the convention between the Law Firm, the Client or his principal.

The parties will preferably try to settle their possible conflicts “out of court”.

Codex of the lawyers

 Our vision and philosophy

The Law Firm ensures a professional service of superior legal quality in almost all of the fields of the rights of individuals and companies. The law Firm acknowledges the need for every legal dispute to be analysed thoroughly and resolved in a swift and conclusive way . The legal mastership and strategic vision are essential in this.

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The founder

Samir BAKI started his lawyers career in 2007.  He is the founder of the Law Firm Samir Baki Ltd. Hij richtte het Advocatenkantoor Samir Baki op in 2013. Samir BAKI works in almost every field of the Law, his intensive search of knowledge enables im to counsel his clients in a wide range of cases. 

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The treatment of privacy

The Law Firm treats your personal data in conformity with the legal obligations and competences as you are visiting our website, as you are using our services and those of of the individuals Lawyers of the Firm and/or because you have given the Law Firm or the individual lawyers these data personally.

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 General conditions

Article 1: Complaints and remarks about the statement of costs and fees that were delivered to clients or their principals must be sent by registered mail to the Law Firm within ten days, starting from the sending date of the statement.

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The use of “cookies“

The Law firm only uses functional, technical and analytical cookies which do not impair your privacy, such as Google Analytics and solely for the evaluation of statistics concerning the visits to our site.

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Our disclaimer

The information on the site is of general nature. This information is not linked to your specific personal circumstances and they cannot be considered as a personal, professional judicial advice.

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